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INITIAL PRESENTATION Show up on time. Have initial discussion with client/agent about about any questions or concerns they have with the property. Have them sign agreement and pay for the inspection. Your initial introduction should be friendly and you should spend a few minutes to talk to the client and/or agent about any questions or […]

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The best way to get a review… is to ASK for one! During the home inspection is the ideal time to ask the client/agent for a 5 Star positive review. The main websites that would be best to have reviews is on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. There are multiple other websites that would work, but […]

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Please review this short audio recording for training on how to upsell additional services at a home inspection.  

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FOR THE MOST UPDATED INFORMATION GO HERE   The best way for you to refer services to Axium is you sell it, so you can make the money. Necessary Info/info gathering script to send Axium or TRTC scheduling What is the property address? Is the property vacant or occupied? What is the client’s name, phone […]

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EVERYONE SHOULD MAKE IT A HABIT TO UPDATE YOUR INSPECTION SOFTWARE AT LEAST EVERY TWO WEEKS!! It is important to update the inspection software on your phone on a regular basis so you can get the most up-to-date inspection software and comments. We are constantly making changes and updates, so in order to have the […]

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Complaint from Agent – The inspector did not give a complete verbal review. When we received the report the next day there were a lot of items in the report that were not discussed at the time of the inspection. Now my client is worried about all of these issues and I need to have the […]

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Plan Ahead and Try to Show up 15 Minutes Before Start of Job It is very important for the inspector to be punctual and show up on time to their inspections. In fact, the inspector should try to show up at least 15 minutes early to the inspection. This way the inspector arrives before the […]

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When the inspector is performing a special inspection or re-inspecting a certain section of the home please use the following procedure: When you create the inspection on your phone you want to select the “Inspection Type” to perform this inspection. For instance, if you are performing a roof only inspection, you would select “Roof Inspection”. […]

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