Inspection Training

Business Card Marketing Procedure (UPDATED 6/5/18)

At most inspections there are cards left behind from real estate agents as they bring their clients to show the property. These are active agents with current clients that will need a good home inspector.

The inspector should gather this information and provide it to the office so they can start a marketing campaign to each of these agents. There are between 1-20 cards at each of these inspections, so the more cards each inspector turns in the more agents you can market to and increase the number of inspections that get booked.

The more cards turned in increases the chance of agents calling in and scheduling, thus increases the number of jobs assigned to the inspector, this increases income.

Submitting BCM’s
Here is the procedure to gather the information and submit to the office:

1.     Locate the business cards at the property and line up two cards at a time. This is to ensure the card information is large enough to read in the picture.

2.     Take a close up, clear picture, so the office can read the information. Take the picture in portrait layout.

3.     If the image does not take in portrait layout, rotate it correctly before proceeding. Get close enough so right and left side of card is touching left and right side of display. Watch that the flash does not white out the contact information, turn the flash off if necessary. Try not to sit and do this in front of the client.

Please review the following picture of the CORRECT way to take pictures of business cards:

4. Email the pictures using your iPhone mail or mail app – NOT JotNot (you can email up to 5 pictures in one email, 10 cards) to your office admin email.

When asked what size attachment to send, choose “Large”.

5. Type in the subject line “BCM” and paste the property address you are at. You should already have the address copied into your phone’s memory. The “BCM” allows the admin gmail to automatically put it into a specific folder.

Example: BCM – 123 Main Street (Also put this statement in the body of the email)

Please review the following pictures that are NOT correct: