Axium Wholesale Services


We do the work – you make the money. Refer your clients to Axium for any auxiliary services and earn money with ease.

Axium’s Services and Pricing

We offer a variety of inspection services that you can utilize and sell as your own. The benefit being, you make money! We give you a discount on the service and you can charge your client whatever you would like and keep the upcharge.

You can advertise ALL of these services as your own to earn more business and then outsource the work to us. Check out all the services we can offer and the discounts you get by outsourcing to us…

How to Sell and Schedule the Axium Services

We’ve made it easy for you to discuss, sell, and schedule these Axium services with your client. Take a look at the document below to learn how you can up-sell and get these services scheduled for your clients through Axium.

**NEEDS UPDATING – Please see sheet to left for correct pricing**