A new type of gas meter – the Klein ET120. It appears to work very well.The tool has an extra long goose neck that makes it easier to reach those gas joints that are in a 10 foot basement ceiling. The meter also has two sensitivity settings, low and high.It has audible and visual […]

FOR THE MOST UPDATED INFORMATION GO HERE   The best way for you to refer services to Axium is you sell it, so you can make the money. Necessary Info/info gathering script to send Axium or TRTC scheduling What is the property address? Is the property vacant or occupied? What is the client’s name, phone […]

Resources: Agent Offices Template (2) Ax Just for Fun Flyer (4) Axium Agent Candy Bowls (3)  Open House Agent Office Presentation Watch this example of how to present your services to Real Estate Agent offices in order to gain more business!  

Summary of the Conference Webinar: Axium Wholesale Pricing – Updated Referral Lead Source – Utilizing your sphere of influence Gaining New Leads – Emails, brochures, candy, and followups Basics of Getting Started Builder Warranty Inspections – DO THEM! ROI Spreadsheets and Tracking Monthly Numbers General Summary Report