Inspection Training

Attic Access Hidden Behind Light Fixture

While inspecting the property it is extremely important to inspect the attic. Sometimes it will be difficult to find the attic and you would want to make sure not to exclude that section of the report unless you are sure that it is not present. Although, it will only be on the very rare occasion it is possible for the attic to be located behind a light fixture.

Make sure to be careful while accessing an attic like this because you would not want to damage the hatch or the lightbulb. If you feel that it is unsafe to access an attic that is designed like this just take a lot of pictures and describe why the attic was inaccessible at the time of the inspection. If at all possible, the inspector should at least try to get their head up into the attic to look around for any defects as a courtesy to the client.

It is also extremely important to use the correct statement when you are not able to inspect the attic. There is a BIG difference between saying that it is “Not Inspected” compared to saying it is “Not Present”. If you declare that an attic is “Not Present” and there is an attic, you could be liable for all of the defects found in that attic. This has come up recently with an attic we said was “Not Present” but it was actually behind a light (see pictures below). That attic happened to have an insulation that contained possible Asbestos and now the client wants us to pay for the removal, which could be thousands of dollars.