Inspection Training

Advanced Sales Training – Part 2


Call Type: Inbound, difficult client

Key takeaways: qualifying leads, tonality, “reasonable pitch”


  1. 0:31 – Tone of this lead sounded like he was “begrudgingly” finding quotes. Don’t let difficult leads hold you back! Stick to the script…
  2. 0:52 – Qualifying lead! Be sure to stick to your script. Staying on the script will keep you and the client on track for the pitch and ultimate end goal: the close.
  3. 1:50 – We discuss the importance of scripting. Utilize a script for email-hesitation rebuttal. Use the same script each time so you are confident and direct with your tone and goal.
  4. 2:25 – Always verify information a client is relaying over to you. This is important, not necessarily because you don’t trust them, but to ensure accurate pricing. You don’t want to over/under bid the project.
  5. 3:00 – Keep small talk short! Naturally you’ll want to play along, be friendly and laugh with them, but stay on track.
  6. 3:25 – Creating urgency and utilizing USPs without the client even asking about those particular points. Time = pain point! Sales rep will use this against the lead to their strategic benefit.
  7. 4:05 – The final pitch. Build even more value by utilizing terminology like: “Awesome discount” (as seen/heard in the call).
  8. 5:10 – Explaining the process so the lead is comfortable with us and confident in our abilities. They are fully understanding what they are paying for, clearing any objections about the product or company they may have.
  9. 5:33 – Spent 2 mins to get to the full price
  10.  5:50 – Gave us another objection based on uncertainty. Utilized the “reasonable pitch” strategy, or the “all money aside, does this sound like a fair deal?” Strategy.
  11. 6:25 – Creating more urgency by limiting availability based on specific services lead needed
  12. 6:50 – Utilized the “reasonable pitch”
  13.  7:15 – Call ends and then client called back 20 mins later to add a Sewer Scope. By building the relationship throughout the call, he felt very confident and comfortable with us to want to buy more.