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ISN – Agreements and Payments in the Field

ISN – Agreements and Payments in the Field

Process: This is the process uploading Agreements in the field. The Agreement must be completed at the property. This preferred process is made easier with the ISN app.

Responsibilities: The purpose is we want the office to be able to process it accurately, before you send in the report. IE, if the client wants a different email address, or name, or if a same day report is needed, or when the final report is sent to them. We also have more leverage if there is an inspection dispute if the office received the Agreement quickly.

If Agreements are not turned in and Processed, then Reports cannot be sent out. This causes extra time from the office to follow up with inspectors and causes reports to be sent late to clients and agents. We have lost agents due to reports not being sent out on time which is costing the company and inspectors tens of thousands of dollars. We have also had clients ask for a refund of their inspection costs due to reports not being sent out on time.

Agreements are supposed to be done during the Inspection and sent through the ISN app to the office IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the inspection.

If you do not have adequate cell service to complete this via the ISN app, please revert to processing a hardcopy Agreement. See separate process.

Download the PDF (WITH PICTURES)

1. Open the ISN app and locate your inspection.Review if the Agreement has been signed and Payment has been received. See screenshot below that shows the Payment (dollar amount) and Agreement icons as either RED or GREEN

2. AGREEMENTS: If the Agreement icon is red, take the following actions with the client to obtain a signature. The client can also pull up the previously emailed Agreement and sign it on their own computer or device if they prefer.

3. Click on View.

4. Scroll down and click on Sign Agreements. This will open a new window.

5.  Have the client review the first page of the Agreement and click Next.

6. This will take you to the screen shown below. Click Read and Sign.

7. Have the client read and scroll through the Agreement to the first Initial and Sign area. They will come to the following screen, where they can sign on your phone. They must enter initials here. They will sign in the box with their fingertip.

8. After they have signed and initialed, you will need them to sign each of the waivers for their agreement. The waivers attached depend on the service ordered. There will ALWAYS be waivers to sign.

What happens:
The waivers will either be acknowledging that they did or did not order an additional service.
Example A: No Sewer Scope ordered = Waiver stating they understand what they’re missing.
Example B: Yes Sewer Scope ordered = Waiver stating they know the risks of a sewer scope.

9. Ideally, the client will scroll down, read each waiver and then initial. If they prefer to just initial, you can click on the “Show me” link in the red box stating that initials are still required.

10. This will take you to the next place for initials. From here the client can scroll, read and initial again. Or you can click on the down arrow to jump to the next required initial.

11. Continue scrolling, reading and initialing (or using the down arrow) until you reach the final initial. This will be indicated by the down arrow no longer being an active link.

12. Return to the accept signature section by either scrolling back up through the waivers or by clicking the up arrow until you reach the original Initial and Sign area.

13. Click on Accept.

14. It may take a moment to process their signature.

15. You should get the following confirmation screen.

16. Return to the Main ISN screen by clicking on the Windows button in the bottom right corner and then choosing the window where ISN was previously opened.

17. Hardcopy Agreements: Make sure you have a solid surface with good lighting to take a photo of the agreement. Scroll down on the inspection page and click on Attachments.

18. Make certain that the Attachments are Public button is NOT clicked. Click on Select File.

19. Click on Take Photo or Video and then take a picture of each page of the agreement. Make sure the image is clear.

20. You will see the following screen confirming that the image was attached.

21. PAYMENT: If the payment icon/dollar amount was GREEN, then you do not have to process a payment or take any further action.If the amount was RED, you will need to collect payment.

22. Each licensing client will collect their payments according to their own procedures. Below will cover how to mark the work order as PAID.

23. In the ISN app, click View to see the details of inspection

24. Scroll to bottom of inspection to the menu options and Click on Add Payment

25. Click the correct payment option

26. On the corresponding screen, enter the payment info. Click on Add Payment


The Authorization Code is noted in the Green section of this screen. Make a note of this on the Agreement.